Chapter 0………………………..A Juicy Tail

“Stop fucking my ass so hard!” says Valencia Brownbottom as my hardness swells and spirals around inside of her tail.

My face spits forth a dazed grimace, ignoring her request. I grasp her hips and drive myself into her to the point that she hollers out shit like, “This dick is too much for my ass, baby”

I crave her thickness tremendously, and I kind of want to take this ass from her in a raping fashion. I want her to sort of revel in our pairing in this heated monstrosity. Valencia is pressing down on my chest and undulating her thick, juicy side meat on my dick. She begins to moan, and I’m dumbfounded. 

“Fuck this tight ass harder!” she says. “Hold on to my asscheeks and call me a nasty bitch, nigga!”

First you want me to stop fucking your ass like a beast! Now, you just can’t get enough!

I gasp for air and I say, “You’re a disgusting bitch—just the type I love! Ride this nasty dick, and tell me you love it!”

“That’s not what I told you to say!”

“Fuck what you say! I’m running this shit!”

“Is that right?”

My hardness anchors its erection more as my brain processes the facial expressions racing from Valencia’s face and deems the twisted reactions appropriate. I grapple and pull at both asscheeks simultaneously. I lift the sweet, soft pieces upward and push my manhood about another half inch into her anal walls. She sighs and then pounds my penis with extraordinarily powerful ass thrusts.

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Chapter 1………………The Ultimatum 

“Okay,” Mya said as she opened up the shower curtain in my bathroom. “Nice dick! I’m getting sidetracked!”

“Forget about my dick. What do you want?” I replied as if the woman was getting on my last nerve.

“Nigga, here is what you have to do to win me over! That’s what I want to tell your Black ass, you shady-ass nigga!”

“What, how in the hell are you just going to pop up over at my crib demanding shit from me?” I asked her.

“Nigga, cause you want this! You know you do!” she shouted.

“So, you act like this is some kind of death match or something, like I have to do what you tell me!” I shouted back from the shower.

“And! So!”

“So, either I do or I can’t have you, huh?”

“That’s right, nigga!”

“All right, tell me what I have to do. I don’t like this shit, but I’ll give in to your ass this time—only this time, though! I ain’t your motherfuckin’ sucker!”

“I want you to sign a contract stating that you’d never cheat on me!” 

She must think I’m crazy or a damn fool!

“You just think you have it going on, don’t you?” I said. “Besides, you’re probably going to work hard on me while I’m in the tub taking a shower—you’re not slick!”

“Yep, I sure do. And, if you want to have anything to do with me, you’ll do as I say!”

“You drive a damn hard bargain. I’m sure you already know that, though.”

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